Medium voltage motors and some practical information

Medium voltage motors are developed and produced in several variants. One such medium voltage motors is the fixed-cap model, and the final solution for various applications is beneficial in its use. Among the advantages of fixed-voltage medium voltage motors are, for example, their high performance, reliability in operation and also safety. This is directly required for applications that are exposed to various forms of danger as well as explosion hazards. 

Current medium voltage motors are produced in several variants 

Producers of medium voltage motors

Industry and medium voltage motors

Of course, engineers think about the above-mentioned risks when designing medium voltage motors, and they also follow them when constructing them. Thus, an explosion situation is also possible for such an environment. Of course, this does not occur too often, but it can happen from time to time. The design of the medium voltage motors is then properly prepared and must be able to withstand any explosion in the indoor environment. Consequently, the construction of medium voltage motors is also expected not to spread to the surrounding environment. High voltage, high voltage engines should clearly possess gas explosion certification in Groups IIB and IIC. Medium voltage motors can also be subject to national and international requirements. These claims may vary widely and what is sufficient at national level may not be sufficient internationally and vice versa. Of course, the high-quality model series of leading engine manufacturers meet the requirements at both levels, so you don’t have to worry about applying it in practice. However, if we should mention some of the most famous standards, we will mention IEC, NEMA, ATEX and European EN. These model series also often meet the most demanding requirements, making them useful in practice, for example, in oil or natural gas applications. As with many articles, high voltage motors are a rule that we should buy them exclusively from proven manufacturers and suppliers. A wide selection of different medium voltage motors, as well as other products of a similar kind, can be found at You will also find many other interesting information about these products. These are high quality products.